Sunday, 29 October 2017


Many years ago, I used to get angry when called a disruptor but now i wear the badge with pride.
At-times, we need people to disrupt the way we think and do things. we hear people who want us to do exploits say think outside the box… me i say destroy the box completely…
You can only achieve as much as your mind can conceive. you are a product of your thinking. The popular brand slogan comes to mind ‘Good thinking; Good product.’
What are you thinking about?
How are you thinking about what you are thinking about?
what action are you taking about what you have thought about?
You can know all it take to be rich and still die a pauper.
access to greatness does not immediately translate into greatness.
Many of us have contact but don’t know how to make use of them, Social media has brought us almost ‘face to face’ with people that otherwise you might never have the opportunity to get within 100 metres of.

What are you doing with it?

You have a product or service you render, and in this time and age you don’t have an online presence?
or You have dreams and aspirations yet you are too busy to find time to build your dream?
or is your case even that of just being scared that you might fail?
Later you come and blame your village people for your woes?
See, even if you were born with only the stub of a wooden spoon in your mouth, or even only your finger, there are endless opportunities to become one who leaves a silver spoon in the mouth of their children.

Take Action.

Whatever it is you want to achieve, whatever it is you want to become, Take Action.
You don’t have to be 100% prepared, truth is we are never 100% prepared, Launch out Anyway.
You are scared? Do it Afraid anyway.
Don’t just think outside the box
Burn the box completely.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

My House Hunt Wahala

Mm, deep sigh! It all started on a very cold night.. After a long and stressful day at work, you can imagine getting into the house by 09:55pm on a thursday night.

Ooh! Need I forget to share my emotional ordeal, earlier at work same very day? Sigh! Got a call from a family friend, who was also a neighbor at that time..

Phone rings "Ring Ring"
hello? Yes, good afternoon sir?
Caller's end, Julia, how're you? Are you still at work?

Me, Yes I'm still at work Sir.. Hope all's well?

Caller's end, Not at all dear, Please try to reach your dad and his lawyer ASAP..

Me, But why sir?

Caller's end, Just do it, Don't worry, when you get back home we'd all see, bye! "Drops Phone"

    Me, All the way back home thinking about the phone call, though I did as told earlier by my neighbor. Now home, facing the dilemma and trying hard to confront my fears bravely for the sake of my already heartbroken and distraught family.

Mm, "amidst sobs" looking around outside our four bedroom flat, with all our property scattered everywhere out in the cold night! No, I couldn't hold the tears in anymore, I poured out in shudders! Well we all slept out in the cold with empty stomachs. Mm, life!

    Next day the hunt began.. Later, i  got to realize my dad, our house agent for the past seven years and landlady's lawyer had been dragging a case for almost a year without our knowledge,

Well my dad called it quit and only asked for some months to pack out.. But the landlady would appear not to obey the court's ruling for time permit, instead she kicked us out.. And we refused to press charges. And so began the hunt, well two agents we got on such short notice, got us wrong choices after all expense made.. Till we retorted to bail for our present home, though not of same standard as the former we're content, long as we're together as a family.

             Our heart trenching struggle would've been saved a great deal if we had known about

This is the story of #MyHouseHuntWahala

        Written By Havilah Dammim Ray.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016


“Oga park well…”

“Sir, I am a Doctor and I have a medical emergency, I didn’t mean to take ‘one-way’ but I can’t allow a patient die while I sit in traffic”

“Who you dey tell that kine lie?”

Brings out ID card,

“Officer, see my id card,  also if you look you can see my stethoscope in my car. I was just summoned that a young boy had an accident and was rushed to the hospital, other doctors are on strike but I can’t afford for the boy to die. That’s why I decided to rush there.”

“Na Ogun go kill you and the boy”

Roughly pushes open the door of the Doctor’s jeep and pulls him out by the neck.

"Officer, the law allows medical personnel on emergency to take any route possible."

“You be ambulance? Abi your jeep na LASAMBUS?”

Officer please do not be angry,  I seek only to save a life, I am sorry for going against the law.

“he he he. Na me you dey speak english for? You go see pepper today.” “where your particulars?”

The good doctor hands him the vehicle particulars. Just then his phone rings

Grring   Grring


he listens for a bit,  

“put him on morphine, prep the theatre for surgery. If he flatlines use the defilbrator. I will be there presently” hangs up.

Officer, okay how can we resolve this amicably. I really need to go now. The patient might not survive another 30 minutes

“to bail yourself out go and bring 100,000”

"Aah aan, Oga police, it is people like you that keep giving the force a bad name. I will pay no bribe. If you insist that I am at fault, impound my car, I will take a taxi to the hospital and later I will have my lawyer come to the station. If I have broken any law, let us meet in court."

The Doctor moves to walk away.

The policeman cocks his gun. Take one more step and I go fire. I go just waste your life and I go talk say you be armed robber.

The Doctor is shocked to his bones.

The policeman beckons his colleagues who also come and together they begin to abuse and even slap the doctor.

You dey insult policeman? We go teach you lesson today.

Oya enter the van…

3 Hours later.

The Doctor has had to call his lawyer, a very popular SAN to meet him in the station, who after threatening to call the commissioner of police finally secures his release.

“Just before I go I want to meet the officer who arrested me. I have something to tell him”

“Officer yinusa no dey” another officer chimed. “ almost immediately we reach here n aim hin wife call am for phone. Him cum rush commot”

“God saved him” Just let him know, if anything happens to that poor boy. The blood will be on his head.


The Doctor Drove like a mad man to the hospital.

However he was too late, the boy had long been dead…

The nurse walks shakily to the doctor. The father of the dead boy is a policeman. He is threatening to arrest the doctor who didn’t care enough to come and attend to an accident victim on time.

“oh no. not another police encounter today” the doctor walked with sadness etched on his face to attempt to explain to the Father that it was another policeman who caused the death of his son.

He walked into the waiting room and behold Officer Yinusa stood in front of him.

“… erm erm oga… na .. you… be … the … tor?”

What? It was your son that was involved in an accident?

“Well well well, officer,  you are the one responsible for the death of your own son.”

If only our policemen could learn to do the right thing and follow due process.  How many more innocent boys have to die? How many more innocent citizens felled by police bullets then paraded as armed robbers shot while escaping? How many more wives made widows, children made orphans, all for selfish purposes.  When will the police learn to stop harassing the people they swore to protect?

“Officer I bear you no grudge, and I am sorry about the death of your son, however I hope this will jolt you and your colleagues to become professional in your conduct, doing the right thing at all times.”